A2 Religious Experience

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Below is the specification from Edexcel for the unit covering Religious experience.The Thinker

Religious experience — key concepts, strengths and weaknesses.

The specification does not name or identify any particular version of the argument based on religious experience and candidates will be credited with any version(s) relevant to the question. Some analysis of the meaning and types of religious experience may be relevant, noting this is a topic set in the context of arguments about the existence of God.

Key ideas may include the premises of such arguments and key concepts such as analogy, credulity and testimony, drawing on notable contributions, for example from C.R. Davis and B. Davies, Flew, Hick, Swinburne and Vardy.

Candidates should show an understanding and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses so as to make informed judgements about them. This may include problems of interpretation, alternative explanations and notions about the probability of this argument.