Hargobind_SinghThe main method of worship is meditation (Nam Japna). In the Gurdwara (Temple – which means ‘gate of the guru’) the main object of worship is a copy of the sacred Granth and is raised up on a small altar in order that it will be higher than everyone else who sits on the floor in front of the Granth.

Congregational worship (sadh sangat) involves prayers (‘Banis’, most Sikhs will have a copy of the prayerbook – ‘Nitnam’), hymns (Gurbani), a sermon and a communal meal (langar). There are no priests and the meetings may be led by any member of the community. Langar is undertaken at the Gurdwara – community meal.

There are varies recitations required at different times of the day:

Morning Recitation
1. Japji – Guru Nanak
2. Jaap – Guru Gobind Singh
3. Swayay – Guru Gobind Singh
4. Baintee Choupai – Guru Gobind Singh

Evening Prayer
1. Rehras Sahib

Bedtime Prayer
1. Kirtan Sohila

The Mool Mantra
The Essence of Guru Nanak’s Message, the Mool
Mantra encapsulates the heart of Sikhism.

Ek – Onkar There is but one God
Sat Naaam Eternal Truth is the Name
Karta Purkh He is the Creator
Nirbhau He is without fear
Nirvair He is without Enmity
Akaal – Murat Timeless is His Image
Ajuni is beyond Birth and Death
Saibhang is Self – Illuminated
Gurprasad He is realised by the Grace of the true Guru
The Guru Granith Sahib is the supreme spiritual authority for the Sikhs, though there are also written codes of ethics and protocol, such as the Rehit Mariydas which Sikhs are expected to obey.