Christians believe that there is only one God.

Christians believe that this one God takes three equal – but different – forms. This belief is unique to Christianity.

God the Father

He is called the Father because he creates all that exists and also because, like a father, he cares for his creations.

God the Son

Christians believe that Jesus was the only Son of God. Many Christians believe that Jesus did not have a human father. They believe God, in the form of the Holy Spirit, helped to conceive him. They also believe that although Jesus took human form he was also God, because God was always there in his life. Jesus showed mankind what God was really like. This belief, that Jesus was both human and divine (godlike), is known as “ the Incarnation.”

God the Holy Spirit (also called the Holy Ghost)

Christians believe that the Holy Spirit is God’s power, which is active in today’s world as much as in the past. It is a power, which attracts people to God’s love. Many Christians believe that it was through the power of the Holy Spirit that the Virgin Mary conceived Jesus.

John the Baptist (John Chapter1 Verses 32-33) says that, when Jesus was baptized, he:

…saw the Spirit come down from heaven as a dove and remain on him.

The Holy Spirit also appeared to Jesus’ followers (the disciples) on the Day of Pentecost. The Bible (Acts Chapter 2 Verses 2-4) describes the Holy Spirit as like a violent wind. It filled the house, where the disciples were staying, with tongues of flame that appeared between and rested on the disciples. In this case the Holy Spirit gave the disciples the power to go out and teach others about Jesus

Christians believe that the Holy Spirit is given to all who believe in God and that this gift, of the Holy Spirit, brings other powers with it namely love; joy; peace; patience; kindness; goodness; faithfulness; gentleness and self-control (Galatians Chapter 5 Verse 22.) These are all considered important, as they strengthen the Christian community and enable Christians to worship.

Christians believe that God’s character does not change. They believe that he is above all a loving God. They believe that when God judges them his main concern will be to see whether they too have lived their lives in a loving manner.

For Christians the greatest example of God’s love and help is his sending Jesus to mankind. Not only did Jesus teach people to love God and each other but also his death rescued mankind from evil and sin so that it could make fresh contact with God (the “Atonement.”)

Christians believe that God created the universe but exists apart from it. He is transcendent, as he exists outside what he has created. This causes a difficulty. The purpose of worship is to try to reach and understand God yet, because he is exists outside of the known universe he is always beyond mankind’s understanding.

Christians believe that, although God exists apart from the universe, he is interested in human life, and suffers with man. They also believe that although they are responsible for what happens in their lives God will intervene and help them if needed when things go wrong.