This Church is sub-divided into:

THE ORIENTAL Orthodox Church

This includes the Armenian, Coptic, Syrian and Ethiopian Churches

THE EASTERN Orthodox Church

This includes about twenty groups amongst which are the Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Polish, Czechoslovakian and Greek Orthodox Churches.

The Orthodox Church has about 150 million members worldwide. It is made up of member groups. Each of these groups is completely independent.

Each group is lead by a senior bishop known as a Patriarch and no Patriarch ranks above any other in terms of power although the Patriarch of Istanbul is the most honoured spiritual leader of the Orthodox Church and is called the “Ecumenical Patriarch.” Unlike the Roman Catholic Pope, he has no more power than other Patriarchs.

Below the Patriarchs the Orthodox Church clergy is made up of bishops and priests.
Priests can marry, so long as they do so before they become priests.

Bishops must be celibate (not engage in sexual relations) and are therefore usually monks, rather than former priests.