Christians believe it is necessary to worship God.

One reason for this is because they believe that God (in the form of the Holy Spirit) is involved in worship. This means that when they worship Christians share in the same activity as God.

Christians can worship anywhere – either alone or with others – however, for most Christians, worshipping in a group is important.

Different Christian denominations (groups) worship in different ways.

When they worship however Christians will usually:


  1. Praise God
  2. Thank him for the good things in life and especially for sending Jesus to the world
  3. Confess their sins (the things they have done wrong) and ask God to forgive them
  4. Ask for God’s help in their own lives and the lives of others.

Prayer is an important part of Christian worship. It is a way in which Christians try to approach God. Christians may pray on their own or with others. The Lord’s Prayer, which Roman Catholics also call the “Our Father,” is one of the few prayers common to all denominations (groups). There are no fixed times when Christians must pray.

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