Islam is a religion which is second only to Christianity in size and is prevalent in all corners of the world. It was founded by Muhammad (CE 570 – 632) who was born in Makkah in Arabia and was to become ‘the seal of the prophets’. After revelations from God (Allah), Muhammad went on to preach the religion of the one absolute God (see History and development of the Religion). In his final sermon Muhammad summarised the core of Islam thus:

“Belief in One God without images or symbols, equality of all the Believers without distinction of race or class, the superiority of individuals being based solely on piety; sanctity of life, property and honour; abolition of interest, and of vendettas and private justice; better treatment of women; obligatory inheritance and distribution of the property of deceased persons among near relatives of both sexes, and removal of the possibility of the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the few.”