The basic facts below cover the life of Muhammad, ‘the seal of the prophets.’

1.   Born in AD 570 into the clan of HASHIM of the tribe of QURAYSH. 

2.  The tribe of Quraysh were the guardians of the Shrine of the KABAH and the springs at Mecca.

3.   By the age of 20 he had participated in several long trade voyages, as well as tribal expeditions and wars.  

4.   He married KHADIJAH a wealthy woman from a prominent Mecca family when he was 25 and she was 40.  

5.   He had no great spiritual background though he had disassociated himself from the QURAYSH. He had though spent a lot of time meditating in a mountain cave outside Mecca called HIRA.

6.    Spiritual awakening took place when he was about 40 – for next 23 years of his life the message of the QUR’AN was given to the prophet through the angel Gabriel.

7.   The night the initial message came to Muhammad is called the ‘Night of Power’ – symbolizing the full descent of the Book of Knowledge.

8.    Another significant night was the ‘Night of Ascent’ – Muhammad experienced a heavenly journey & visited Jerusalem.

9.   He called the people to worship and fear the one & only God – Allah.

10. He had to move with 70 followers away from Mecca to the protection of the Christian King of Abyssinia.

11. He then moved to YATHRIB a town close to Mecca on the 24th Sept 622 (HIJRAH), This date later became the starting point of the Muslim lunar calendar.

12. The town was subsequently called MEDINA – (Din means a life-transaction in Islam) the full name is derived from the word meaning to civilise or refine.

13.  Muhammad became the leader of Medina – by the 8th year the community was outgrowing the town and Mecca gave in to the Muslims. The idols in the KABAH were destroyed and Islam became the true religion.

14. Year 10 AH (After Hijrah) Muhammad performed the first Islamic pilgrimage – the same rituals and formalities are followed today. He went from Medina to Mecca. On his return he proclaimed ALI would be his successor. After his return he fell ill and died on the 13th of RABI’AL-AWWAL (3rd month of the Muslim calendar year).


1.    Muhammad’s life encompassed many different roles:

  • Teacher                            Immigrant                                 Merchant
  • Head of the Household      Political &  Social leader          Ruler
  • Military Commander          Judge                                       Seal of the Prophets

2.   His behaviour and conduct THE SUNNAH – became the ideal standard to follow. From it comes the adjective SUNNI – every Muslim aspires to be a Sunni.

3.   The Quran highlights those prophets that brought about crucial social change, Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus & Muhammad. BUT Muhammad is the culminating pinnacle of all the prophets. His message supersedes all before and leaves no space for misunderstanding.