Creation Puppet Theatre

Your task is to create your own creation puppet theatre play.Adam & Eve puppet theatre

You can choose from the following creation stories:

  1. Pan Ku  2. The Christian creation story. 3. The Hindu Creation story. 4. The Big bang – scientific theory.

You will be judged on the following:
A. The Script for the Play.
B. Creating the puppets /scenery.
C. Homework tasks completed on the play.
D. Additional research or other aspects undertaken for the play such as an original music score for the play.

You will be assessed individually on the effort you put into the play – though you will be judged as a group when you perform your play.

This is an important assessed task in RS during Year 7.The devil puppet

In your book you will need to set up a table listing the 4 main points (A-D) which you will be assessed on. You will need to keep a record of everything you have done. You will need to have evidence to back up the record you keep.