Festivals Task

small.purpleYour task is to create a Calendar which is split into 12 months, you will need to do this using a piece of plain A3 paper or alternatively on the computer.Religious Festival Calendar

small.purpleWithin each of the months you MUST have at least one religious festival – this can be from any of the world religions.

small.purpleYou must describe what happens at 3 of the festivals in detail.

small.purpleThe calendar is also your own personal calendar, so you should include also such events as your own birthday or members of your family’s birthdays as well as important dates you are looking forward to – maybe your summer holidays? The Calendar does not have to be the ‘standard’ calendar design, look to¬†produce a calendar which is really creative.

Enclosed are links to religious festivals but you will gain additional marks for your own research together with your description as to what the festivals mean to their followers.

Interfaith Calendar
Do you want to know when different religions have their holidays and festivals? This American site tells you about festival dates for all of the world’s major religious sects.¬†