What is this task all about?

You are an editor at a national newspaper and you going to write an edition of the newspaper specifically discussing whether the world will ever be rid of prejudice and discrimination and whether you think we deal well with it in the UK.


1.     Come up with a relevant catchy title for your article/s.

2.     You will need to explain to your reader what prejudice and discrimination is and give examples in order for the reader to understand clearly what these terms mean.

3.     You will look at the issues of discrimination in the past with the Jews during the Second World War (the holocaust), why did it happen, what were the results…..what should we have learned from it?

4.     How have individuals tried to stop racism occurring in different countries during the 20th Century, in particular Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Junior. Was their faith important to them? What were the results of their efforts?

5.     Explain how you think the UK has been affected by prejudice and discrimination, research and look at the Stephen Lawrence case( )  and come to your own conclusion as to its effect on multi racial harmony in the UK.

6.     The UK has over 1 million practicing Muslims, how might this section of society in the UK have been affected by recent events around the globe and in the UK? What is your opinion on Islamophobia? What do you think should be done about it in the UK?

7.     Come to a personal conclusion as the editor to how we should tackle prejudice and discrimination in the UK. What role should religion play in this? How could it help? Is there hope for our society?

If you are looking for newspaper templates try this site: Extranewspapers.

Assessment Criteria

Below is set out for you, your criteria and what you need to do to get to the different levels. You need to talk about both discrimination and prejudice in your article.

 Look to use the information you have recorded in your lessons together with the sheets on Gandhi & Martin Luther King (make links between their lives and teachings). PowerPoint presentations will also be available for you to look at in the common files on the Holocaust and Islamophobia on the school intranet. Think through the issues of discrimination in the Holocaust and the Stephen Lawrence case.

 TO ACHIEVE THE LEVEL YOU WILL NEED TO:                         

 Level 3 – Be able to give a basic explanation about prejudice and discrimination using examples of key figures in the fight against prejudice and discrimination (e.g. Martin Luther King and Gandhi).    

 Level 4- Show you have understood different sources of information, beliefs and ideas. Describe the impact of people like Martin Luther King on people’s lives. Raise and suggest answers to some important questions including the causes of racism (the holocaust).

Level 5 – Identify similarities and differences in the approaches of King and Gandhi and how different religions tackle the question of racism. Discuss the issue of Islamophobia in the UK and the problems raised by the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Come to a personal conclusion.  

Level 6 – Provide a detailed overview of all the information studied showing an understanding of the problems raised by prejudice and discrimination. Show you understand the challenge which racism presents to religion in today’s world. Come to a well evaluated personal conclusion as to how we should tackle racism and discrimination in the UK. Below are examples of students’ work.