How to get started

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       ‘God in the Dock’    

      Did he lie about creating us & the Universe?

                           Guilty or Innocent?

How do I get started?

Ok, so the first thing you want to do is set the scene – where are you holding the trial? It might be the Old Bailey in London – a major criminal court or somewhere set in your own imagination (another galaxy etc).

Work out who your witnesses are going to be – list them down in the back of your book. Make sure you have basic information about who they are when you present them to the court as expert witnesses for or against God.

Make sure you understand and can write about, ‘The Big Bang’, ‘The Theory of Evolution’, ‘The Design Argument’ &’Intelligent Design’. Use your time on the computers to get more facts if you need to on these theories.

Then bring your witnesses to the stand and question them.

First against God  – e.g. Charles Darwin and others

And then for God – e.g. William Paley and others.

When you have done this you then sum up the arguments as the judge and come to your own conclusion based on the evidence in the trial as to whether you think God is guilt or not.

Remember to use Key words and refer to the ideas behind the theories (put in brackets any web sites you’ve used). Use quotes from your experts if possible.