What is Britishness?

collage homework

The above video is members of the public take on what s Britishness. What would you word be to describe us? The image on the right gives an outline of what you need to create for your homework. Please incorporate the key terms (below) into your collage. Explain how your pictures show different aspects of British culture such as traditions, beliefs etc. Below are examples of students’ work.


Culture The shared way of life of a particular society, referring to all aspects of behaviour that are learned and which provides the context for their daily lives.
Beliefs Something which is accepted as true without actual proof.
Values Standards by which members of a culture define what is acceptable/not acceptable, good/bad etc
Norms Unwritten rules defining appropriate patterns of behaviour.
Traditions Customs/beliefs that are handed down from generation to generation.
Attitudes A state of mind or a way of feeling or thinking.
Practices The way culture, beliefs etc are put into action e.g. a religious person going to church.
Customs An accepted practice or behaviour developed over time.

by Jonathon by Georgia