Reasons to believe

There are many different reasons for people to believe in the existence of God. Below are some examples of different types of religious experience which may have helped individuals to make up their mind that God exists.

religious upbringing by Soraya

  If you have been brought up in a religious family then the chances are you will automatically accept the fact that God exists as your upbringing, your family and friends have always confirmed this. Click here for information on a Christian upbringing.
  Have you ever looked at a sunset or a beautiful landscape and had a moment of ‘awe and wonder’? This might lead you to believe that there must have been somebody (God) who has created such a beautiful moment – it couldn’t have happened by chance.       

awe and wonder by Soraya


Prayer - by Soraya

  People pray for many different reasons. Sometimes people pray because they need help and believe that in their situation the only person who can help them is God. It might be that a loved one is dying of an ‘incurable’ disease etc. If the loved one gets better then that person has a reason to believe in God.
……of course if they don’t get better it might lead someone to not believe in God!
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