euthanasiaEuthanasia is a way of bringing about a peaceful death of a terminally ill person. It is not legal in the UK but is in Holland (see the Dutch nurse’s caption in the cartoon). It is also legal in Switzerland where people can go to an organisation called Dignitas in order to have assisted euthanasia.

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small.purplePeople have a right to decide when they want to die.

small.purpleGives people the ability to die with dignity.

small.purpleRelatives spared the agony of watching their loved ones suffer a slow and painful death.

small.purpleJesus said – ‘Do unto others as you would have them do to you’. If you were suffering you may want your life to end.

small.purpleWrong to keep people alive beyond their natural life span (e.g. life support machine).


small.purplePeople might commit euthanasia against a person’s wishes.

small.purplePeople might recover from an illness against all odds. Doctor’s diagnosis might be wrong.

small.purpleChristians believe in the Sanctity of Life.

small.purpleAgainst Commandment ‘Do not kill’.

small.purpleJesus suffered on the cross – he didn’t cut short his suffering therefore not down to us to end our life.

small.purpleDoctors are against euthanasia it is their job to try and save & protect life.

small.purpleSome people think accepting suffering may have a spiritual value for your soul.

small.purpleJesus cared for the sick, he never talks about any type of euthanasia

small.purpleChristians have Hospices – hospitals where the terminally ill are cared for, without losing their dignity.

types of euthanasia