The Paranormal

The paranormalCan there still be life after death if you don’t believe in God? People put forward the view that the Paranormal and NDE’s support the idea that there is life after death. Ghosts, poltergeists are examples of the paranormal – things outside of our experience. How do we explain them? Are they in fact real or just people’s imaginations. To those who have experienced them, they are proof that there is life after death. One of the most famous paranormal cases in the UK was the Enfield poltergeist.

Thanks to modern life saving techniques, more and more people are experiencing what could be described as a foretaste of life after death. Could this really be possible?

A Near Death Experience, or NDE, is something that you remember happening to you, even though at the time, you are dead. More and more people are reporting these, so is it about time they were taken seriously? Near death experience

The people who have had an NDE all spoke about having a ‘core experience’, in other words, similar events were experienced by all of them. They experienced the following:

Being outside or separated from their bodies Communicating with deceased loved ones

Gliding down a tunnel towards a beautiful light A sense of comfort or bliss which they didn’t want to leave A very intense uplifting experience that they brought back to their lives.

Scientists have said that all these ‘symptoms’ are natural as they are what you experience when the brain shuts itself down and has nothing to do with a pathway to God.

The men & women who have had this experience come from a wide age range, education and background. Some had religious beliefs others none at all – yet most of them felt that they had experienced being in the presence of some supreme and loving power, and had had a glimpse of a ‘life’ yet to come.

Scientists have suggested this core experience is due to the way the brain naturally shuts down when a person is dying and the brain is deprived of oxygen and blood. It has nothing to do with anything religious or a supreme being.

In a recent operation in American a woman with a brain tumour had all the blood drained from her brain prior to the operation (the brain was ‘dead’) and yet she was still able to describe the core experience and the operating room even though she was brought into the room after her brain had ceased to function. Scientists find it difficult to rationally explain what happened to her and how she was able to describe events during her operation.