Guru Nanak with Hindu Holy menA Sikh believes

· There is only one God and he is the same God for all religions.

· The soul goes through a cycle of birth and death before reaching its human form. The goal of life is to merge with God and to maintain a balance between spiritual and temporal obligations.

· The true path to God does not mean a renunciation of the world but through living the life of a householder, earning an honest living and avoiding temptation and sin.

· Sikhism condemns rituals such as fasting, pilgrimages

· All people of all races and sex are equal in the eyes of God. There is total equality between man and woman and women can participate in any religious function and lead the congregation in prayer.


Scriptures forbid the eating of meat killed in the Muslim tradition (Halal) and the consumption of tobacco, alcohol or other intoxicants.

Sikhs live according to the Rahit Nama (code of Discipline) which is believed to interpret the Gurbani and to be based upon the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh.