What happened to Jesus’ body?

We have been looking at truth, your assignment is to try and work out the truth about Jesus’ Resurrection and its key importance to Christians. Your Slide2task is to look at the different theories as to what might have happened and to look for any key evidence such as in the New Testament and religious artifacts such as the Turin Shroud. You need to look at different viewpoints and then come up with your own conclusion as to what happened.  You can do this as a crime scene report, an essay, a piece of imaginative writing incorporating your sources – it’s up to you! Be creative.

Ok so what do I need to do?

You need to find resources to help you make up your mind as to what happened to Jesus. You can go back to the original sources (The New Testament) and find out what the Gospels of Mark and Luke said. You may also want to check out the story in Matthew’s and John’s Gospel.

To do this you could go on to the following link:


The site looks like this:


All you need to do is put in the name of the gospel and the correct chapter. The following chapters cover the death and resurrection of Jesus. Mark (ch15/16), Luke (Ch 23/24), Matthew (ch27/28) & John (ch19/20).

The following link also breaks the story down into sections for comparison.

You could also check out the following sites which give you theories as to what might have happened to Jesus:




You could also look at a YouTube video which covers what might have happened to the body:

What about using the Turin Shroud as potential evidence that Jesus was resurrected?

To Achieve You will need to
LEVEL 4 Show that you understand the importance of the resurrection for Christians and that there might be different ways of interpreting the Gospel Accounts (comment on the accounts in the Bible) of what happened. Be able to introduce a theory as to what happened to Jesus after the crucifixion. Reflect on your own response to the story and what is meant by ‘truth’.
LEVEL 5 Use your understanding of Christianity and your imagination to show the meaning and importance of the resurrection for Christians. Look to analyse the different accounts in the Gospels and introduce 2 theories as to what happened to Jesus. Come to a personal conclusion.
LEVEL 6 Analyse the different accounts in the Gospels to draw out the key beliefs. Explain why there are different ways of understanding truth. Look to discuss a minimum of three theories as to what happened and come to a personal conclusion using evidence to back up your view.
LEVEL 7 Critically analyse the different accounts and suggest reasons for the similarities and differences. Ask some critical questions about religion and their claims to the truth and explain your ideas clearly coming to a personal conclusion based on your research.